Welcome to Palmas Smoke Shop

Welcome to Palmas Smoke Shop, where the California dream meets the beat of the hip-hop scene! Born on the boulevard, we're all about celebrating every facet of this culture. Whether you're a lyricist spittin' fire, a graphic artist/ graffiti qrtist droppin' creativity, or a beatmaker bringin' the rhythm, we've got a spot for you. Our shop is where you can grab the best smokes, coolest accessories, check out the freshest gear, and connect with like-minded folks. So come on down, kick back, and vibe with us on Hollywood Boulevard - where hip-hop culture comes alive



What Clients Say

By far, my favorite smoke shop in Hollywood!!!! Justin, and everyone that works here are so kind and helpful. They are the only shop that carry the products I like. Great prices, awesome selection, open late, and super friendly. Way better than the surrounding competitors. I will go out of my way to shop here, and here only. Oh yeah and they have spray paint for great prices too...

Andrea P.

I've been coming here almost every day since they opened. The staff is amazing, kind and patient, even when you don't even know what exactly you want. They will walk you through every item you are interested and always honest about prices. They are also dog friendly! Always have healthy treats ready for their paw customers. Many options of loose tobacco for those whole like to roll their own or mix it European style. Every time of rolling papers. Of course the cigarettes and even cigars! Rap Snacks / chips and basic refresher drinks can also be found here ( water, soda). Ohhh and pretty cool thing they started to sell recently for those who loves art! Spray paint!!!!

Alona M.

Only smoke shop that's usually open early when they say they will :)) the employee was super helpful - def going back

Justice K.